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Aug 7, 2007
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North Bay California
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I was going through more photos from a recent session and came across one that I tried to see if i can save. I don't know if its worth the effort or if I should just trash it.

This image was totally blown out and a bit out of focus. I sharpened it as best as I could without going overboard and changed it to a duotone. While out on our session we came across this huge tractor next to the RR tracks and I happened to snap this shot as she was playing around with her sister. I have never tried an urban style shot before so I would also like to know if this passes as that kind of style or not.

My client has not seen it yet. I would love to know what you all think. Thanks for looking.

Given Murphy's law if it isn't sharp I wouldn't show it. With all luck, they will order this one as a 20x24 :S
Show us a bigger version.

From the current picture, your clients are most likely to comment on her right arm being cut off, a darker vignetting might make that less obvious.
Since it's kind of blurry, crop as little as possible. When you crop you sort of magnify the blur (not the technical way of putting it, which I don't know precisely).

For the sky, you can try adding a blue gradient layer set to overlay on the top and erase the non sky parts.
trash it...its blurry, dont show blurry to, when you are cropping as much as you are on this, you are loosing toooo much! when you are shooting be aware of what you want the final outcome and shoot it that way so you arent cropping the heck out of your pictures and loosing quality.
I'm not sure if it's the web or not, but it's also got a lot of noise.
Due to that and the blur, I'd pass on this one. It's best to always show your best.

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