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    While reading through threads here, I am immediately aware of how inexperienced I am as far as my photography goes. I am here to learn!

    In 2005 I was going on a plant hunting trip to China and felt that I would like a 'real' camera to take with me. I intended asking my husband very
    nicely if he would make a dark room for me so that I could develop my own film - something I had always wanted to do. So with this in mind I bought a Canon EOS 3000V. On my months trip I took over 1,000 pictures of plants, places and people. There wasn't a chance that I was going to wait to process my films while I attended a course on developing! So there never was a darkroom.

    Since then I have taken many more pictures and would like to progress to a digital model, with the convenience not only of editing my own pictures, being able to see my results straight away, as well as saving the cost of developing. Canon is my preferred make. Any advice on this would be most welcome.

    It would be an advantage to be able to use my current lenses with any new purchase. I have been told by a camera 'enthusiast' that DSLR lenses are different to those of SLRs. I hope he is mistaken.

    I am looking forward to progressing with my photography and getting to know fellow enthusiasts through this forum.


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