SB-700 off-camera wakes up after first shot. Help!


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Jun 2, 2013
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I'm going through Strobists Lighting 101. With my 5100 and SB-700 already purchased, I got the recommended sync cord, umbrella, etc.

I set the SB-700 to standby, which is a good thing, but then it wakes up only when you take a shot, not AS you take the shot. The result is a dark exposure and a subject wearing that "Are we done yet?" expression.

Suggestions other than turn off standby?
It should wake when you activate the focus but I notice my AB800s doing the same when off camera so I just turn off the standby option.
It took a while to figure out what was really happening. It works!..... It doesn't....... It works. etc
When I use radio triggers, I just trigger the on-the-camera-hot shoe transmitter with it's own trigger button to 'wake up' the OCF.

With a sync cable, don't raise the camera to your eye or point the camera at the subject when you trip the shutter to 'wake up' the OCF, so the subject doesn't get that "Are we done yet?" expression.
Obviously need to learn more about the quirks. It doesn't always shut off. Removing the cables causes the flash to fire multiple time. Standby seems to be the smallest of these issues.

Thank you for the help.

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