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Feb 14, 2013
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I have the money put aside for an SB-700 but a colleague has just brought in an SB-800 to see if I fancy buying it. It looks like the 800 is technically a better flash but the 700 has a better menu and has the hard filters that change settings on the camera.

Does anyone have advice on what one to choose?
Are they the same price? Both used?
The SB-800 is a workhorse. I have 4 of them. Can't go wrong if the price is right. ;)
The 800 will be cheaper than the 700.... Looks brand new. Probably around $200.
That's a VERY good price for a good-condition '800 - if I saw one at that price here, I'd grab it regardless.
Ohhhh, SB 800 for two bills? BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!! I have been using mine since 2005. Best flash I have ever owned. I thought it was substantially better, and a bit more powerful, than the SB 600. Compared to the SB 28DX and SB 16 and SB 24 and SB 20 that came before, the SB 800 is a Rolls-Royce. I really like the control system on the SB 800, and the "fifth battery" compartment that slides on and adds that extra AA battery REALLY makes the flash recycle faster when you need that.
I like both. However, I would not buy another SB-700 because it doesn't accept battery packs. The 800 does and it's essential for what I do. I think the control system is better on the 700, but I think the 700 can control fewer groups than the 800. The 700 is a high-end consumer flash, but limitations prevent it from being widely used by pros. The 800 is an old-gen pro flash, before the 900 series. I would get an 800 or 910, but not another 700. I need battery packs. Both the 800 and 900's are more powerful than the 700. Since you're not a pro, I'd recommend the 700 or lower just to play around with and learn from. When your images demand it, get a bigger flash.
Seeing as they sell for $300-$350 in my area I'd jump all over a 5th SB-800 for $200
I have three 800s and a 600. I'd buy another 800 in an instant if I needed one. Screw the menu. It's easy enough to figure out.
Please buy the 700 and direct the seller of the 800 to me.
I would not buy another SB-700 because it doesn't accept battery packs.
ALL flashes accept battery packs after a quick trip to radio shack and a little bit of soldering.

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