Scanner or film?


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Jun 8, 2010
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I noticed some banding after scanning a recent roll of film. I do not see the lines on the film but the scanner is picking it up and I'm not sure if its the scanner, lab, or my film back. Any thoughts?

Yes there are newton rings, i need to let the film flatten for a bit before re scanning.

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its Kodak Ektar. I had to have it pushed two stops because I thought it was my film back with 400 tri x. I turned it B&W and messed with contrast to get the bands to stand out.
Really can't tell without either taking a strong loupe to the neg or at least tossing it into an enlarger and running it up.
damn ok. no lupe but i do have an enlarger i can toss it in
I think it is the scanner. If it was the back, there would be scratches...this looks like digital noise lines to me, plus those gorgeous Newton's rings.
Stupid scanner. Probably why the guy sold it for 40 bucks. Might just send everything off to Richards or the Find Lab from now on and have them do everything
The previous roll I scanned didn't have banding like this but everything was soft. I was thinking it may be my F5 having focusing issues but Im willing to bet its the damn scanner as well.
Froma scanner i paid £12 :allteeth:


picked up a roll of B&W and Slide from the same back but processed at a different lab. Going to try the scanner again tonight
it was the film. Ill post an E6 slide once I take the time to scan it nicely

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