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Scanning Polaroids


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Nov 1, 2020
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Not sure where to post this but I have a question about scanning an old Polaroid picture. I have an Epson V500 scanner.

Any tips to get a clearer image?
Thank you.
Hi, and welcome to TPF! :) I moved your thread over to the film section, where you're more likely to get specific answers.

Can you clarify what you mean by "clearer" image? Is the shot faded, or blurry, or both?
Thanks for moving this post.
The picture is fairly clear, not blurry and not faded really.

It is over 40 years old and shot in color with a Polaroid camera from back then.
There is one section of the picture I'd like to be able to see better and just enlarging is not working.

Thought maybe I could set my scanner with better options for improving the scan.
Thank you.

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