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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
This is a metal sculpture that the artist calls "Grandpa Lets Loose the Ponies", which is a Native American legend that explains how horses came to North America.

The first Lookout shot (of the river) is facing south, from that view this hill is to your left & slightly behind you.

Next time I plan to climb the hill and get some different perspectives of the sculpture and the river.

Since this is the infamous "exposure adventure" roll, you can see quite a bit of grain in the sky, but I still like them for the richness of the colors.




They look great to me Jim!
Question(s)..why the contrail in the second pic but not in the others?....what is the figure on the extreme left?... I assume it's "grandpa" but can't make it out.
Thanks for sharing.
Sid, those are all horses. The legend says Grandpa carried the ponies in a basket and let them loose by tipping the basket over to let them loose. The artist has never finished that part of the sculpture.

The contrail pic was actually taken first. By the time the others were taken it had faded. I had to wait until the people moved off the hill so they wouldn't be in with the horses. I probably stood there half an hour waiting. I only threw that one in there (with the people) for some scale.

When this first went up there was a plaque explaining the sculpture and the view of the river in the first set, but like most things now days they were so badly defaced the state removed them.

Kinda sad. Unless visitors luck out and get a local cruising through there's nothing explaining the sights.

Thanks for the explanation Jim and you're right, it is sad that morons seem to screw up most things eventually.
Glad people like you are making a record and spreading the word.
Thanks again Jim.

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