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Mar 1, 2005
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Arlington, TX
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Haven't posted anything in awhile. Mostly because I haven't shot anything in awhile. Anway, going through the archives I found this and started editing it. Do you think it works?

I walked by this lady in downtown Austin and snapped a quick shot at hip level. Of course the AF failed me and I got a great shot of the chevy truck behind her. She was muttering and cursing under her breath as she shuffled along, quite obviously disturbed. After I saw the result, at first I was disappointed. When I came back to it, the miss focus kind of fit the subject so I started playing. What do you think, is it over done?
I dont mind the effect too much, i think what is distracting tho is the focus area, being out of focus, if you know what i mean. I play around with LB simulations and similar effects..... making a sweet spot by brushing through the layer mask... and i think this would have been successful if she was in focus.... but like you said, shooting from the hip is difficult with the AF, i do like the subject matter tho :thumbup:

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