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Feb 1, 2012
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Managed to make a huge faux pas earlier today, which I'll share for the general amusement of the forum..

Part exchanged a Canon EOS 500d plus kit lenses and a bit of cash for a new EOS 600d at my local independent camera shop (will remain nameless at the moment..). All went swimmingly, deal was struck and I was relieved of my trusty 500d. Whilst I was sorting the money and card payment out, another assistant opened an EOS 600d box from the storeroom and took out the 18-55 kit lens (didn't need it). Nothing else was touched, including the camera. As I was on my way to work and on my motorbike (and it was freezing outside so I was dressed like an arctic explorer), I put the box straight into my rucksack and left the shop. There it stayed until I got home this evening to familiarise myself with my new toy...

...So I opened the box, took out the bundle of bubble wrapped camera - it felt much lighter than my old 500d - and reached in. Hmm, a rubberised grip - don't remember the 600d having one of those.... Hey, it has "EOS 1100d" stamped on it.... Bugger! Checked the clock - 6.30pm - shop shut.

I'm now sat at home with a camera worth half the price and significantly less features than what I paid for and running through scenarios in my head about what's going to happen when I go back in the morning. I'm sure there won't be a problem (I have the receipts, the shop is reputable, etc) but I can't help worrying that they'll think I'm trying to rip them off and won't exchange it!

Lesson learnt - CHECK THE BOX YOURSELF BEFORE LEAVING THE SHOP!! Will update tomorrow on what happened...

(and before anyone says, if I'd found a nice EOS 1Dx in there instead, I WOULD take it back as well - deep-seated guilt issues ;-) )
That's a huge bummer dude! Sorry to hear that. Maybe they'll upgrade you to a 60D for your troubles. ;)

Keep us updated!

PS. FWIW, I thought that the 1100D or T3 DID NOT have a rubberized grip. I held one and fooled around with it briefly, and noticed a big difference in the grip between the T1i, 5D, 5DMK2, etc.
I think we're talking degrees of rubberness - in my admittedly insensitive paws, it felt like the 600d had a bit less of a rubbery feeling..
Images from dpreview:

Here is the 1100D or T3, pay close attention to the grip below the shutter button.


Here is the 600D or T3i, you can see where the rubber grip starts and ends, compared to the sheer plastic grip of the T3.


When you go back to the camera store to make your exchange... Hold each of them in your hands, one right after another. You'll like the T3i way more just based on that.
Thanks... Now trying not to blub like a baby upon seeing a 600d picture...
Dang! Not only does that suck but I'm sure you were ready to play with your new toy! Good luck. I'm sure it will work out.
Just got back from the camera shop and returned with a shiny new EOS 600d :D

To mark this momentous occasion, my first ever photo - unedited, uncropped, just 'as is' - with the new camera (taken in my garden):

20120202_600d 7419 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
{don't seem to have permission to embed pictures yet}

The shop were fine, very apologetic, but i did breathe a sigh of relief!

Tyler - had a chance to hold both cameras, like you suggested. The 600d does indeed have a more rubbery grip, and feels much more natural with the texturing. The 1100d is more of a shiny smooth rubber (plastic?), which i think threw me initially before sighting the camera. As you'd expect for a camera double the price, i would hope!

Thanks all - look forward to learning from you on the forum...
Lucky you had a good shop! Welcome to the forums!
Congrats on your new toy and glad to hear it turned out all OK with the camera store...

Here's your photo, easier for everyone to see... Hope you don't mind, but will remove if you do...

Thanks for that..probably not the finest example of photography ever to appear on the forum, but hey, onwards and upwards!
Funny story. Enjoy the new camera.

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