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Scout Portrait


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Oct 2, 2005
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I tried a little high key on this.. Then I tried it with selective coloring.. My little guy is NOW a wolf scout, so the selective color has the *orange* stand out for the *tiger* scout.. He is now using yellow for wolves...



thanks for looking
I'm not a big fan of selective coloring but I really like the B&W.

I'm the proud dad of an Eagle Scout and have some great photos of my son as he went up the ranks.
really nice b&w holly.... im not sure if im a big fan of selective colouring also but having fun mucking around with it none-the-less xx
Christie Photo said:
I too prefer the B&W. This one is a keeper. You'll look back on this one in the future... like when he grows into the shirt.


I was going to go with a regular sized shirt he can fit into, but my husband AND our scout leader suggested a shirt that will fit into for a while to come as he will wear use it for a few years... He doesnt wear it every day or every weekly.. Once a month and that is all so Im sure it will last a while.. BUT I look forward to looking back on these :)

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