Sea defences (b&w)


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Feb 16, 2006
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The sea defences are being renewed at Cleveleys, Lancashire. This bright empty scene with the converging lines looked like it might make an interesting black and white shot. What do you think? Is there enough going on? For more info go to


Very nicely done. The lines make for a great pattern that's really eye-catching; it seems to lead the viewer away from the trailer in the upper right and towards the crane on the left. I'm a fan.
Thanks. It worked for me, and I'm pleased it does for you too. Sometimes you take shots like this and think, "is there enough going on?" I think there is - just. I did consider having a figure (my wife) sitting bottom left, looking out to sea. But that gave it a completely different feel!

Regards, Tony
For me, it was the opposite. My eye was drawn up and to the right, probably by the strongly-shadowed diagonals headed in that direction. It's an interesting image, I'll have to look at it some more...

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