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    May 4, 2006
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    I have been wanting to move up from my Jobo CPE to an ATL machine for automatic running of my development.

    I may have done a good thing or bad thing.

    Through my eBay scanning. I picked up a couple items that may or may not have been a good idea.

    For a grand total of $359.02 plus gas for picking up.

    I picked up a mint, very clean, operating, AGFA FP1-44 slide film processor, AND an AGFA MSC 101 film and print processor in same condition. The 101 even came with a full set of unused chemecials, and 5 paper magazines full of new paper. Box of 2 rolls of 10" paper as well. Includes everything for use from APS to 220 film. Unit is only 7 years old. People were retiring and just wanted it out of building so they could rent it to another person.

    Only catch is I dont have water available to where I can keep / run them. They are way to big to get into basement, or even into house (if wifey would let me). I do have a very large storage building with its own 200 amp power service, but its 180' from water source.

    Always wanted a bathroom out there. :mrgreen:


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