Seat 15 at the Uht


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Jun 14, 2005
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Erie, PA
Seat 15 at Jerry Uht Ballpark in Erie, Pennsylvania USA, home of the Erie Seawolves Baseball Team, AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

Taken with a Canon 300D and a Lensbaby Lens

Excellent shot man! The converging lines created by the seat numbers really add to this. Still gotta get me a lensbaby...
I really like this one as well. I looked at this image for quite awhile. ^ What they said, great lines and selective focus. My only critique would be to consider cropping out the tops of the seats in the bottom of the image. Kudos, well done. Here's some smilies for you.

Killer shot Wally. Nicely done man!!!!
Great idea.

I think I'd like it better if the 15 in the first seat was more in focus. It looks like the only parts that are in focus are the back of the first seat and the very front of the 2nd row seats.
Very good!
I like it and I'll wait your next photo

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