seattle anyone?


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Mar 15, 2006
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i live in the seattle (washington) area, and i was wondering if anyone knows anywhere interesting to shoot. im willing to go out for a drive.
What do you want to shoot? People, animals, mountains?
I am in Portland but have been thinking about heading up there for a weekend sometime soon. I would love to get some skyline shots at night.
Being in Seattle we have the options to shoot in the historic city, desert, mountains, rain forest, ocean side, there are several volcano’s including 1 active MT. St Helens, we have zoo’s and parks and aquarium, the Seattle water front, North West Trek, cemeteries from the 1800, ghost towns. And they are all with in a few hour drive away.

So if you are looking to take pictures of people or buildings I would say walk around out your front door or the water frount.

If you are looking for nature I would go to Mt Rainer or Mt St Helens or even Adams.

Animals one of the zoos, aquarium or North West Trek or again Rainer or St Helens

Ghost towns I would start by looking here

We also have several World War II forts that are now state and local parks

And don’t forget underground Seattle preserved just after the fire

If you would like you can visit my site and if you see something you like I can point you to where I took them.
Thanks for the offer Wolfies!

Based on your summary of whats available I need to schedule a trip this summer for sure.
I was just in your neck of the woods today. Went down to shoot the falls along the Columbia river.
All you guys should come overr this side of the pond the photography is great and woman are better :wink: , shame about the neds :grumpy:

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