Seattle photography Co-op needs new members.

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    I am not sure if this is the right place for this post or not. I run a photography Co-op in seattle wa and need some new members. If this was a normal classafide add it would look like this:

    Seattle photography Co-op needs new members.

    The F-stop Co-op in Seattle's u-district is excepting new members. Members have use of studio facilities, B&W dark room, lighting equipment, backgrounds, camera, and classes. Everything you need to do a shoot. Membership fees are $200 per month. Contact Josh @ 206-632-1558 WA residents only please.


    The thought behined makeing this place was to give ppl a place to start a photography business without investing a bunch of money. If you live in WA and need a nice place to work, let me know.

    The size of the space is around 1200-1500 sq/f. There is 800 sq/f of shooting space (one larg studio and one smaller one).



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