Second Mind (a poem)

Discussion in 'The Creative Corner' started by Trenton Romulox, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I was just perusing my finder on my notebook and found this poem that I wrote last fall. I don't have a lot of poetry, so I figured I'd share some of what I have. So, here it is, critique if you want, I certainly don't mind.

    Second Mind:
    Last night,
    Quite a night,
    I saw the light,
    Spoke to her second mind.
    In her second mind,
    What did I find?
    Love so pure it’s blind.
    Love so strong it binds.
    Secrets so secret,
    They’re one of a kind.
    Knowledge attained,
    She’s one of a kind.
    I’m more in love than before,
    I’m more sure than ever before
    All because,
    I spoke to her second mind.


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