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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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First off, I borrowed my fathers Yashicamat 124G for the occasion. I really wanted to wee what Velvia would look like on a 6x6cm negative. These scans aren't good. It was a $20 400 dpi scanner...

I was taking this shot and these 2 butch women were showing their disgust that I took so long setting up the picture by crowding us trying to read the tablet for this watermill.

Boyton Canyon 1


Boyton Canyon 2

I would like to have them scanned on a good scanner but it is $$$. Cheapest I found for 4000 dpi is $18/scan. 2000 is $10/scan

Now for the 35 mm. I got a new lens for my birthday but my best shots were done with my trusty 50mm and one with the 28mm. The biggest surprise is the colors. This is print film and there was absolutely nothing done to the scan besides resize. AGFA Ultra is very impressive. :shock:

This is my favorite shot. It was done at sunset which is why the sky is white.

More Boyton Canyon

Which one do you like most?
I'd have to say that this one is my favorite:


The colors are really great, I am going to have to try that film.

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