seems like a great buy- what do you think??


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Aug 2, 2003
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Phoenix, AZ
hey, as you all probably know i love photographing wildlife and landscape/plants as well as abstract objects, i was leaning toward buying a 35mm SLR such as the Minolta Maxxum 5 but a fellow photographer told be about the new Fuji S5000-SLR FinePix Digital camera and it sounds awsome, it was just introduced July 28th and will not be on the market untill september 2003, although not final the street price is supposed to be around $400. her are the specifics: The FinePix S5000 offers point-and-shoot simplicity combined with advanced exposure control. It offers a super long 10X optical zoom [37-370mm, f2.8-f8(W)/f3.2-f9(T)], and uses Fujifilm's new 4th Generation Super CCD HR with 3.1 million effective pixels and 6.0 million recorded pixels. The S5000 features continuous auto focusing and a low light focus assist lamp. You can record digital movies with sound at QVGA resolution (30fps). An 110,000 pixel electronic viewfinder provides you with a through-the-lens preview of the scene--- what do you think?
As far as I know, it's going to debut at $499 US. For that much, you can get the S602 or the Olympus C750, both of which have better optics and similar long zooms. I have the C720, my gf has the S602 - both are fine cameras.

I think for that price range, I'd shop around. Long zoom cams are more common now and the C750 has 4MP and 10x optical zoom as well.



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