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    Just to keep it on topic, this is about the only "self" portrait that I can remember. On a day hike up the paradise lost trail on Mt. Rainer. Shot with my old travel camera, Cannon PowerShot A540, which takes surprisingly decent photos for a little pocket camera.

    It's 10 years old, but I haven't changed, still bald, still old, still ugly as sin. lol

    PS. We dodged the bullet on the ice storm, 50 miles west and 30 miles north got slammed, some still without power.


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    The only limitation is your imagination!! I did this one awhile back, here's a few thoughts from my Phillip Marlowe shoot.
    1. It's possible to shoot a selfie wide open if you have a simple shot, throw in some extra set props, and it's a lot easier to work in the f7.1-f/11 range.
    2. How you trip the shutter depends on the set and shot, in this one a remote wasn't possible as both hands were "occupied", so timer was the only option. Not seen are tape X's on the floor for each foot, and a small dot on the blind where the fingers went, and I knew the brim of the hat had to be between the 4th and 5th slat to catch the light in the eyes.
    3. I learned that getting into character with good bourbon in the prop glass, isn't the best idea if you plan on taking more than a few shots. :aiwebs_016:
    [​IMG]Dark-1.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr

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