Selling Prints to/in local businesses?


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Sep 2, 2004
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Thanks in advance for the responding to this thread.

I would like to start selling prints (be it matted, framed, whatever) to/in local business.
My aim is to probably to go to the artsy towns near me; and approach gift shops, cafes, restaurants, frame/art shops, galleries, etc.
Does anyone have tips on how to do this?

Care to share your stories on how you market yourself?

Is it better to have someone act as an agent/representaive on one's own behalf (looks more professional)?

Should I walk door-to-door with matted or framed pictures?

Should I take photo albums filled with 4x6 photos to show my work?

Should I put together a large-print portfolio (if so, please describe what type of "things" I would need)?

How should I set my pricing on 4x6, 8x10 matted prints?
I think you're best off marketing yourself, unless you know someone with the real gift of the gab it would just come across as a bit strange.

I'd suggest you put toegether a portfolio book of the prints you think will sell. I doubt 6x4 is nearly large enough, 8 x 10 would probably be a minimum.

Let the people in the shop select from your prints the ones they think match their market. Or make up a number of portfolio books for people to browse and order from, then just have a couple of your best prints on display.

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