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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by lkWinnipesaukee, Mar 18, 2007.

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    Maybe I'm dreaming, but is there any chance a high school aged kid could sell pictures to the local newspaper? If so, how does one begin to do this, and is there much money involved? I just spent FAR too much on gear and need to get that money back, lol.


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    To answer the basic question - yes.

    It really doesn't matter to the newspaper who takes the pictures. The difficult part is making friends with the chief photographer or photo editor. Some papers make you sign a freelance agreement beforehand while others will let you submit on the fly. A lot of editors will want to see some of your work before they start giving you assignments as a stringer.

    Check with you paper - do they have an email address to submit photos? Shoot some news, submit the shots with captions and see what happens.

    I will say that until you are in the business for a few years and make some serious contacts you won't make much... maybe $30 per image published. It may not pay back the equipment but you are building your portfolio which is priceless.

    Keep sending them pictures!!! Keep your name in front of them!!!
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    In all honesty getting a part time job is the best route. Photography is competitive. You do not get a whole lot of second chances. I trust your work is strong, just make sure that you get a lot of feed back on it before showing it to the editor and or art director.

    Payment depends on the photo and the paper. If it is on the cover maybe $100. If it is a stand alone on page 12 or whatever maybe $25. Most papers claim "we printed your photo and you got a byline; that is payment enough". Do not fall for that. At least try and get 25 bucks. Deal is that papers have staff photographers. Freelancers are used but you need to be experienced. Submitted photos rarely get used. Again depends on the paper.

    Going about it is up to you. Start by calling and get some contact info. We look at every submitted photo at the paper I work with. I hope all are like that, but I am not sure. Now if you want to intern...

    Love & Bass

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