Send it back and get another or keep that D600 feedback needed


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Sep 16, 2012
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I guess I still have an issue concerning the number of shots on Refurbished D600. I was told by the sales person at Cameta Camera that I could expect littleor no shutter count. Said that it never exceeded 2000. Well mine out at 8500 . On my first call to express my discontent I was offered an additional 2 yearWarranty. But I still think that amount to a year of shooting for me. So Monday morning I have a choice, send it or keep it.
Well what would you do. Feedback please
Personally I wouldn't sweat it. The D600 is rated for about 150,000 shutter cycles, and when it lets go then get it fixed. It's not the end of the world.
I wouldn't sweat it.
You guys a great. Helps this old brain relax.
Take the added warranty, YES, and keep the camera. 8,500 clicks? That's very,very little use; so little in fact, that I'd wager it'll still be firing 15 years from now.
8,500 clicks? I know some MWA . . . I mean people new to photography that shoot that many in their first month of having a DSLR.
I'd be more than happy to take the extra warranty! I can totally understand the initial frustration though.
I would have traded 8000 activations on my camera for the additional 2 year warranty. ;) I think it is a good deal.
...i'd take the warranty.I'm kind of thinking it's a win/win situation,in the sense that hopefully w/8000 actuation's,it's broken in,and you're beyond the dust/oil issues we keep hearing about. ;)
+1 the extra 2 years warranty!!!

You just bought a D600 for substantially less $$$ then its normal price and it has a 3 year warranty! Considering 'new' has a 1 year warranty you totally scored!!

The best part of this deal is that Cameta sends all warranty work to Nikon!! So if there is a problem its all handled by the manufacturer not some 3rd party repair shop.
Thanks for the great response. I will keep the camera. What a great community we have here. Thanks again Ed
That D600 is a great camera! Shoot away and sleep at night knowing you have a 3 year warranty that I bet you will never have to use due to the quality of the product you bought. Besides, the problems show up in the first few hours of use in most electronics and someone already did that for you.

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