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Nov 25, 2007
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I guess this question goes out to all the photography studio owners out there, but everyone is welcome to reply. I am looking for work in a photography studio, maybe even an internship. I am thinking of sending out cover letter/resume to studios in the L.A./orange county area. Would this be okay? Would studio owners get mad/annoyed?
I don't see how they would mind - and really,what do you have to lose?

I actually e-mailed several photog's in my area and a number got back to me, so I actually had to PICK which one I wanted to work with.

When I met with them for an interview I took them my resume. Then we talked about what was expected, when I would work, style, etc.

It's been an invaluable experience for me. So far I've worked with two wedding pro photog's and it's been great. One shot film, the one I'm currently with digital. I've learned so much! GO FOR IT! :)
yes - i've looked for other photographers to fill in when i couldn't be there - such as now, as i'm currently residing in a third world country war zone
Yeah I can't see why someone would get annoyed to recieve your resume.
Heck, I'm looking for someone now and would love to have some resumes on file to choose from. Send them out and follow up if you don't hear anything.

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