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Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by nycks1, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Dec 8, 2004
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    I'm looking to get into senior portraits and need some advise.
    1. What kind of packages I should offer and price range, would like some samples if possible.
    2. How many poses to shoot per outfit, and what are some basic poses for M/F. Would like some samples if possible.
    3. Do you do any editing before you show proofs.
    4. What is the best way to advertise.
    I really need help in posing and props I can use.
    Sorry for all the question, I would like to get going this spring.
    Where I live the kids really would like some new than what they're getting now. Many parents hated the kids picture from the local photographers. Thanks in advance for any advice you guys and gals can give me.


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