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Feb 27, 2006
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Beaumont, TX
Took some senior portraits for my friend



The first two make her look like she's an amputee. I think if you had moved a little bit to the side, this one would've been really nice. #3 would look nicer if you cropped off a little bit more of the right side.
thanks for the comment

i'm horrible with poses. i didnt realize that about the amputee and the last picture was more of a test shot but i liked it.
uh....have her smile? :)

my brother did my "senior pictures" almost 7 years ago. i think he ended up taking a roll of film, if not more. most of them turned out very well, and i think i was his first "real" portrait work outside. never made many prints though, just enough for my mom LOL

1 and 2 look a bit washed out, maybe you want to meter on her face instead? i dont know i havnt gotten into that much (yep i better go find me a book on metering :D)

well have fun, if you have a digital, at least you can do a LOT of playing around!!!
I like your choice of locations, and I think they can work well for you. Posing didn't come naturally to me either, and it's something I still struggle with. I spent a lot of time browsing websites of other photographers, reading books and just trying different ideas.
I like the concept of the fence behind her, but maybe step over to the right, so her body is at an angle to you (so she isn't flat/straight forward toward the camera). Angles are more flattering :)

Then have her just glance toward you with her head, not her body. Her foot can still be up on the fence, but have her leg at a wider angle.

I did my first photos ever, as senior portraits for my boyfriend's little sister (last year). It was a lot of fun...for me, her and her mom.

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