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Dec 25, 2012
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Does anyone, other than me, miss the old series system of filters. I like to use various filters on the B&W and if using the TLR they use Series 5 and one small tube of filters carries them all. When I get to the SLR I have 49, 52, 55, 58 & 62mm filter rings. All would fit the Series 7 except the 62mm. I need to carry seperate filters for each different size. I have a step-up ring but they are a royal pain to use. The lens shade does very little when it is so much larger.
Hmm, not sure how many people on the forum know what "Series" filters are.

I had some that came with a TLR that I bought, but due to their age there were issues with most of them (separation).
Yes, handy to have one set of filters that drops into different adapters ... kind of like the Cokin square filter concept, though much smaller.
I remember some cool series V filters I used to have, in a series of small, interlocking lucite holders,m with the niftiest "sliding trap door" that allowed filters to be removed with this rotating little tab. Soooo cool! That was wayyyyy back in the twin lens reflex days for me. I had several bayonet-on (Bay 1 as I recall) to series filter holders and front retaining rings for my old Yashica 635. I am not sure, but I "think" that cool filter holder tube set was a Kodak product, but I cannot recall. I had a kit too for my Koday Pony 135B.
It is a Kodak product. I use one for my TLRs that has 6 filters on it. They still work pretty good. You could always add another to the mix because they just screwed together. I still have a 635 as well as a 124G. I have had a C, D, and a few other Mats. I also had a Minolta Autocord but could not get used to the lever focus. It had a great lens on it also. Of all the 124s I have had I still have the one withthe sharpest lens. I also have W/A & tele adapters.
I know what they are but have never used them. My bf just picked up a set a few weeks ago at a second-hand store for $10. I'll admit that they would come in handy, as I've got a collection of older cameras and it would be nice to have one set of filters and only worry about adapters.

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