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Jan 30, 2004
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Santa Barbara, CA
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This shot is more about the jewelry than the person, so I don't know if it's really a portrait but, I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. I was trying something a little different than the norm.

Wow! Impressive composition and lighting!! I love it! This photo could easily be used in an advertisement!

Very nicely done!
i like it, the focus on the pearls is perfect... love the lighting and tone... your photography is inspiring... :thumbup:
spot on if its about the jewelery! gorgeous tones and the composition is lovely....
the light gives it the nescessary mood... totally love it!
in one word : beautiful!
thanks for sharing :)
excellent image, easily advert quality..... great light and processing matt :thumbup:
Very beautiful! Great tones, great contrast, overall excellent pic. Definately ad-worthy
Digital Matt said:
Hopefully it will ;)

Thanks a lot everyone :)
I hope so, too. This is more like it! Although I liked the more casual portraits of Marge outside wearing the pearls, THIS is the kind of image that showcases them.

Gorgeous work. :thumbup: Good luck with it. I'm going to go slobber over that high-key image you put up next. :lol:
Matt this is GORGEOUS!

I love every aspect of it, the complementary colors, the crop, the way the light falls

Marvellous job mate! Big :thumbsup: and good luck with the job bid.
Ditto what everyone else has already said Matt. The pearls are definitely the subject and are portrayed beautifully so no worries there. Best of luck with the ad bid...

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