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Dec 28, 2014
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I've taken plenty of pictures, but since this will be about 20 shoulder-head shots for employees for a company to put in a paper, I'm a little nervous about getting them right.

I'm going to use a Canon 70 - 200, at an 85 t0 100mm area.
About speed lights: I'm thinking to put one light about 45degrees to subjects faces at normal power, and one on camera set to a low power for a slight fill on the other side of faces. I will have a black no-reflection sheet behind them.
I'm open to any advice here.

One light at 45 either side depending on whether you are short or broad lighting reflector opposite and the other light behind as a hair light for separation from the background

This shot was taken that way at a dog shop i was shooting


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You don't mention modifiers; do you have something like a pop-up softbox that you can use? Otherwise you're going to be dealing some potentially annoying shadows and difficult shadows. My usual set-up for this sort of shot is a speedlight in a 30" Lastolite Ezybox 30 degrees camera right (or left) and a reflector in close opposite. The speedlight is usually about 3' from the subject, and with my SB800 (GN 125), I'm firing 1/16+1/3 at f5.6-8 and ISO 100. This produces and image like the one below. Using the on-camera flash, even as fill is going to cause unattractive 'center of the eye' catchlights.


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