Shed clear out, looking for any identification help please !


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Sep 19, 2015
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hello everyone,

This is my first time posting here, I helped clear out a old gentleman's shed. And stumbled across this ...
I can see that shackman & sons make 'the auto camera mk3' but I can't seem to find anything relating to this old power box unit.
There's a note in the lid if it gives any clues.

Any information, links to more information, value estimates ect would be welcomed and appreciated.

Many thanks

It looks like this was nothing more than the power supply for the Auto Camera, which appears to have been a commercial adaptation of an aerial reconnaissance camera converted to civilian work. It seems to have been converted for use in laboratories and factories and I assume that this converted 220v/50c mains to (probably) 32v DC to run the camera and accessories.
Thanks for the information , that's a great help !

Does it have any use in this day and age, or is worth anything to anyone ? Shall I just proceed to put it in the bin ?

Thanks again.
It would be very desirable ('though not necessarily valuable in monetary terms) to a collector of antique gear. I assume you're in the UK; perhaps get in touch with local clubs and see if someone is interested. It would be a shame to see it on the tip.
In my area there's a camera swap, people can bring items they want to sell.

Not sure where you are or where this is (London?), but I follow Film's not Dead and they post about a camera show/sale at something called the Brickyard?? any way to hook up with them maybe?
You could consider Freecycle, which is normally used in local situations, but probably has a facility to join wider geographical groups

Then again, you could try Gumtree and advertise nationally

There are others


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