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Jan 27, 2008
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Yeh...the graffiti and the dress were TOTALLY planned...;)

It was one of those very happy soon as we got to the location I was grinning when I saw her against the wall there.
They look VERY cool, but a little hard to see them clearly right up next to each other like that. I would break them up so we can see them better.
Thy will be done...;)
The cut-off feet in the second one seems to indicate very little planning or looking through the viewfinder.
In #1 her hands look somewhat awkward and is she wearing flip flops?
In #2 her feet are cut off.
Yep...those are flip flops. She couldn't find her boot so we were just gonna do 3/4 lengths and tighter. I just took this while I was testing my light and liked it.

Yes...I did cut off her feet. Something I regret...
#1 is awesome. such a mood. Really nicely done. I might disagree with a few elements of the composition, but overall I think you've nailed it.

I would just keep in mind the positioning of things in your frame and then how you stage your subject in them. (like those black things... maybe more to the left? Right? Not sure... something to consider)

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