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Dec 21, 2005
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I have seen some of the IR shots around, and would really like to try it. However, I am assuming that it is harder than putting on a filter, pointing and shootuing. Does it require PS manipulation? I heard long exposure times? Anything else I should know of? Anything would help, as I dont want to spend $40 on a filter and not know how to use it!
here's the first thing to check out.
in IR photography, cameras are NOT created equal.

TO answer your questions, yes it requires PS (Usually switching red and blue channels or auto levels), yes long exposure times especially when shooting Canon (less sensitive to IR light than Nikons), shoot in RAW. You will probably need to adjust the white balance later, and a program like RawShooter 2005 is indespensible. Finally...DO NOT BUY THE EXPENSIVE FILTERS. They are better IR filters, but the cheaper ones let in more visiable light, and are better for Digital cameras.
Several points here:
First, most of the newer digitals have a filter on the front of the sensor that cuts out the IR. This is done to enhance the overall image that you are taking. The use of PS to get the effect is fine. The filter has limited light transference, and usually has to use a tripod on all but the sunniest days. The one thing you will have to keep in mind about IR digital. I will look a bit different than IR film. (You also need to know the various light frequencies used). 700-930nano-meters. Nikon made a IR black and white 450 DCS digital if I remember correctly, and can be found on rare occasion on e-bay for around $350-500.
If you are brave enough and have a spare camera lying around, you may want to try Life Pixel.

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