Shooting Portra 400 at 800


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Jan 10, 2012
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Greenville, SC
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I know this is very newbish question, but reading up on the proper steps has just confused me more. The gist is I want to shoot some 120mm Portra 400 at 800 speed. Do I just set the ASA to 800 and tell my developer to push one stop? Thanks!
I haven't tried pushing film in a long time, I guess I never got results that were all that impressive since I don't do it! LOL Anyway you can read Mat Marrash's response posted on the FPP forum -
Push Processing - Question and What Is It? | Film Photography Project

or do a search on their site/forum, or ask on their Flickr discussion group - or you can email your question in for their podcast (but then obviously you'd have to listen in), they're on a break til later this summer.
well glory be, that's going to be my new favorite site, thanks for the link!
Funny - I'm attempting to push processing for the first time, too. From what I understand, you shoot the film as if it's the faster speed. I shot a roll of TriX 400 at 800 and told the guy at the lab to push the processing. I trust these guys - they're "old school" film guys - so that's why I was willing to try it with a lab. I just got the negatives back yesterday and am working on scanning, so I'm not sure how it came out yet. And yes, my Pentax has a light meter, so I set it at 800 so it would tell me the exposure for that speed.

Post the results when you get 'em!
I've got two or three more Porta 400 to burn through, then I'll get the five rolls developed. Just found out Monstercon is being held a few minutes from my house so I'll probably go through at least one roll for that.
I had to look up what Monstercon is. Yeah, you could definitely burn through a roll or two there!

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