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May 19, 2006
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Since gas vs. gas guzlers have been in discussions lately it could be fun to see what everyone is using for burning gas/diesel/waste/whatever...

Not really but I couldn't help myself. Like the feet!

I live in a small town...unless I go out of town, I DO use the feet. I sometimes only drive one or two days a week (I have a one day a week job about an hour away, and usually one day on the weekend I need to grocery shop)

And those boots just rock...too bad it's getting to warm to wear them!
Would love to use either the feet and/or the bicycle but with our very hot weather down here...

Well, I drive this for now:


(only silver color)
If I want to go somewhere, I'll just do something stupid then I'll get to ride somewhere in one of these...downside is I usually don't end up where I wanted to go:


;) ;) ;)
Sad... but I think that this is the only picture I've taken of my car.
Some crazy city driver decided to move over into my lane... while I was still there.


BTW, its a '96 Saturn SL1. My husband has the same kind of car, only two years newer and black.
well untill i broke my leg it was one of these


but now im in a chair

if were talkin gas powered then it my fathers dragster at 4 miles to 1L in cruse mode or when its in full race its 1/2 mile to 1L if were lucky

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