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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by ottor, Sep 28, 2009.

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    Just getting ready for a 'probable' showing of some of my photographs - no more than 20 at this time... I'm ordering some prints - mostly mounted on Gatorboard, but some metal prints also... They'll range from 8x10, to a couple of 20x30 Metal prints.. Wondering what your thoughts are on incorporating a small signature at the bottom of each photo..? The photos on display will be offered for sale at the show. Or - would you just place a label on the back of each photograph with my name and contact info ... or both?

    I've been to showing like this before, and I've seen it both ways - the sig's I've seen have been very tasteful, and I can tell you that I 'do' remember the photographer... not so much the ones that didn't have any info on the pic.. I'm trying to decide what "I'd" want on my wall.. a pic with or without a small signature at the bottom, and I guess I really wouldn't care if it didn't distract from the photo....

    Just wondering if any else has had a showing of their work, and what they did..



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    "Wondering what your thoughts are on incorporating a small signature at the bottom of each photo..?"

    I think this would be fine as long as it is small. A number of photographers I work with at do this, and some even include a website url in the sig as well. You just want to make sure it isn't too huge that it takes away from the picture.

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