Simulating a Velvia film look - DigitalFilm vs DVPro

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    I wish to have the similar result of Velia film look from my digital photo, here I found two software and the introduction is as below. Please do me a favor to compare the two software.

    "Digital Film" is a professional software for emulating the photography reversal film. It can make the color effect of digital photo realistically simulate that of photographic reversal film such as Fujifilm Velvia and Kodak T-Max100. It can make the image clear and vivid, and bring the image strong and perfectly clear colors, rich layers and details, as well as the reduction of noise points and color spots...

    With the world-leading Exif Maker editor inside, "Digital Film" supports the updated Exif 2.21, it allows the users to add, to modify and to delete every Exif maker freely, it also supports TIFF & JPEG.



    DV (Digital Velvia) is one of the most popular FM actions. Now, the new DV PRO v4.0 offers more than triple the amount of image enhancing saturation options. These 16-bit accuracy saturation steps were developed for those interested in increasing color saturation (simulating a Velvia film look) while keeping low noise and accurate colors within the channels individually.



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