Single Shot...your thoughts?


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May 4, 2006
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Silver Spring, MD
Any thoughts on this one shot guys? I thought it was kind of cool, but I am a newbie...what do I know :D

BTW...what do you call a shot like this. I see a couple laying around on the site every so often.

Edit: I am moving this pic to the other thread...

Mod...did you want to lock this thread? I am just trying to keep things clean for everyone...

Thanks guys
Very cool shot indeed! I might be completely wrong but I might call it abstraction, since the shot's more about qualities like texture and lines rather than the object itself. Anyway whatever you call it, it's good work - keep going with this sort of shot, it can be very rewarding - especially really close-up macro stuff..
Thanks for the complements guys. I really appreciate it. Zaphod...I will dud them Abstractions right or wrong in your honor :D

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