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Jul 14, 2005
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Raymond just posted #4000 :thumbup:

Love the wildlife shots Ray. And the family shots too ;)
Keep on posting bud.
Congrats buddy on your 4000th post. Everyone of your shots is an inspiration to everyone here.
:cheers: Here is to another 4K:cheers:
oh Wood man.. you beat me.

Congrats Raymond. :hail:
Woo hoo, way to go Raymond! Here's to seeing lots more shots of birds and family (and whatever else you turn your lens towards).
you are a true inspiration to all of us Raymond and certainly deserve two threads for your recognition as an outstanding photographer! :)
:hail: sir raymond... you rock!
love your posts and your comments... just love having you here:D
so post more alrightey!
congrats on the 4k :hugs: here's to another 4 :cheers:
Congrats Raymond!! :cheer:
go Raymond go Raymond go Raymond :mrgreen:
The forum wouldn't be the same without you ray, your an AWSOME wildlife photog and a real inspiration and help to others.

here's to another 1'000 post, wohoooo :mrgreen:

:cheers: :band: :band: :cheers:
RAYMOND!!! dude, i think you should have a huge party for all the great stuff you have put on here, not jut your wonderful shots, but also the way you have encouraged me to go look for those shots, and to see the animals in a different light... i dont know how many times you have posted something that maybe i just looked at one way, but the way you shot it, it showed off the colors more, or the expression more...and made me research the bird, animal, habitat..etc...

and your best work is still growing, with little maria....

great being buddies with you on here....your well respected and loved....
wow, so cool of all of you to find such nice words, It has been great hangin here at TPF, a true pleasure to become friends with such awesome folks. There is no doubt in my mind that my skills have developed as a direct result of all of the friendships and help here in TPF.

Getting to know Peter, Carl and Eric has been the coolest thing, and I know they all feel the same as I do... TPF rocks.

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