Sisters: Alia and Fallon


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Aug 7, 2007
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A few days ago was the first time I had a session with older children and sisters. I am just starting to go through the photos from the session and wanted to share a few. I am still learning how to use my new camera and would love advice how to better take shots of older kids. C&C is welcome please :D




I'm a fan of them, but dispise the double watermark... maybe take out the one in the very middle?
The girls are very obviously posed and unnatural-looking. The smiles look like standard "cheese" smiles. Also, in the third picture, the girl on the left looks out of focus. Otherwise, very professionally done. The lighting looks very even and smooth. I especially like number two.
I agree. All but the first was posed but the mom loves them anyway. She wanted specifically photo of the girls together and I was not sure what to so. I would love to hear suggestions as to how these could have been taken better. This was the first time taking photos of older kids.
Here is another photo of the younger sister. She was so much easier to shoot since she didn't want to pose for anything and i was able to capture her personality.

She sister on the other hand was the opposite. She is the complete opposite personality, very serious and structured so taking photos of her were more of a challenge. I would love to get advise how to take better photos. I am going to have another session with them again soon so any advise would be helpful.

Oh one more question-What do you do when you have older children who want to pose for a shot rather than act natural? I would have loved to be just a shadow following them around. This was my first session with older kids and I wasn't sure how to get them to forget I was there. Any advice would be great.
the last shot you posted was fantastic! you've come along way in a short time!!

when working with kids, get them to interact with each other...they are sisters, have them like hug, older one behind the younger with arms around her sister, chin over her shoulder with boys/girls...if its 2 boys together, have them lean on each other, or arms around shoulders....let them laugh..make them laugh..let them be their serious selves and get those 'moody' looking images....parents love to see those too - in fact its nearly always the one i choose of my son that goes on the wall.

one note about the girls against the wall with their backs need to keep yourself parallel to the subject, so they will both be in 'even' focus

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