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Jun 8, 2003
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All shot with Sony DSC-S85. Click to enlarge.

App: F/4.5
Shutter: 1/800 sec

App: F/4.5
Shutter: 1/1000 sec

App: F/4.5
Shutter: 1/1000 sec

I took these last weekend while climbing Flattop Mountain with a few friends. It was fun when we finally got to the top. The haze in the distant is how it looked on that day. It is the only thing i hate when the temp gets hot for us up here in Alaska. If you want to see the rest ( 12 altogether). I forgot to bring my tiny tripod. Man was I pissed cause some lady screwed up the shots of my friends and I. I should of set the focus but figured when I told her to just keep the Cross on one of us it should be fine, i just figured someone couldnt screw it up. Well I was wrong.
Nice pics champ!

Especially like the last one as having the people in the bottom of the frame gives you some appreciation of the size and grandeur (flash word for me to be using).
With the second shot i would probably go with putting the mountain peaks higher in the shot (rule of thirds), say taking up about two thirds of the frame. Still a nice shot though.

Keep hiking and keep posting pics.
Nice work. I like the way your eye follows the ridge on the second photo, but like ld said it'd be nice if the mountains were a little higher in the photo.
Nice shots, I really like the 2nd one. I hate to question you on this, but are you sure about the f-stops on those shots?
thanks for the comments.

tr0gd0o0r if you save the orginal files you might be able to see the it in the exif data. If not then, i would need to check when I get home.

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