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Oct 11, 2007
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How do I get a photo to a specific size, as in 19K? The requirement was no more then 120X120 and 19K for an avatar and in PS if I put it at 120X102 it was 26K so I had to use Microsoft office picture editor to get it to the right size and at 120X102 it's only 8K. I played with the quality and resolution and the smallest jpg I could get form PS was 26K anyone know what I was doing wrong?
Good question.
I could have asked it!
For I have never figured that one out myself, either. It has always been just a try-and-error thing for me.
For a samll image like that, adjust the amount of pixels to the desired amount, and then save it with a lower quality; e.g. 10 instead of 12. It might take a few tryouts before you have the correct size.

Good luck.
Use save for web in photoshop. In the controls, there is a small menu accessed via an arrow button, and in that menu is the option "optimize to file size".
Thank you. I am still learning PS it's an awesome program, but sometimes a little more then I can figure out by reading all these lengthy tutorials.

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