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Skateboarder handplant


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Feb 8, 2012
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North Carolina
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Most of the pictures I take are of my friends skateboarding. This is a picture of my friend Phillip doing a pretty difficult trick.

Phillip Invert | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I could have composed this shot better but I was happy with it's turnout. Tell me what you think.
i lijke it alot!! though the sun is kinda distracting but at the same time adds to the element...
I think it's a really cool shot, I would maybe have cropped some of the bg to the left of the skate ramp, but I do like the sun, yes it catches your eye but to me it adds to the image as well, I always associate skating with warm, sunny weather :)
Yeah I wish i had framed it so there was less space over there, but I don't like cropping so I just left it. Thanks for the feedback, guys.
Skateboarder is lost in the background, it would be a great shot if it was cropped tighter, or shot tighter, with a sun like that the opportunity to shoot some really good images is there. Shooting the obvious without working with the great light that is avaliable tells me that you haven't learned how to use light yet.

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