Skyline Drive

Andrea K

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Dec 16, 2004
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Philadelphia/North Carolina
These shots are from Skyline Drive located somehwere in Virginia.





Thanks for looking!
Thanks, the first two were my favorites of the bunch as well.

I've been working with the first one for a while, and decided to crop out the overexposed portion and, generally, try to lighten the image as a whole.

Your edit is really great. Before I saw it (yesterday night) I also and already liked your first photo here - original and untouched - but now I must say I like the edit better. Good work! And I love that deer (and I am not envious --- I am not envious --- I am not envious --- I am not envious --- I am not envious) ... oops, sorry, got carried away but sometimes I have to recite my mantra when I see others manage to get the photos I have always wanted to get but never will ;) -- like a deer up close! :D
Thanks for the awesome comments!

LaFoto, you might want to try going to a nature reserve or some kind of park where the animals are used to humans because I was in a car and the deer (there were several) were about 5 feet away from me and didn't even flinch when we drove up because they were so used to cars. It was really neat. I was happy I finally got a chance to get a decent shot with no zoom.
The re-edited shot is fantastic, great work. much better without the hot area :thumbup:
yeah i liked the first one before the edit, but your edited version is that much better :thumbup: nice shot!
the first is awesome!
the last 2 are dark here too...
but that first is just fantastic! thanks for sharing :D

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