Sleeping and memorials


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May 3, 2005
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Des Moines, Iowa
These are some shots I just got back and I thought I should share them with the fine folks at TPF ;)

This one is actually a double-exposure, but the second time it was shot it was under-exposed.


Thanks for looking, all comments, critiques, advice, feedback, etc... appreciated.
i like the first one a lot... the black and white is perfect... not sure about the second one... :)
I agree ^. The first one is very nice and dreamy. I like the sky setting you chose here. The second doesn't seem to have any context. Maybe a different angle would have worked better somehow?

I must say that I really like your work that I have seen so far, so keep posting!
Thanks for the comments. I guess the 2nd one would work better with more of an explanation, so here it goes.

There are terrible things that happen and have profound impacts on us. We have memorials, days of remembrance and other things. Yet shortly after we all continue on with our daily lives and the normal routines of things. The janitor has to pass this sign everyday yet at what point does it just blend into the scene and becomes something that lacks uniqueness and distinction. The photo is able to transcend this because we can't be the janitor or have the repetition of experience, we have to look in on the scene for the first time, the time were we notice the weight and significance of the memorial.

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