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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by skatephoto, Nov 30, 2003.

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    My question is about slides and prints. iam new to photography and i wanted to know the basic differences between slides and prints. i know with prints you have almost no control how the print comes out if you get it from a lab. but if i shoot slides how do i make prints out of them. how much more will this cost. thanks

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    Several pros/cons to either print film or transparencies. Here's a couple:

    - print film has a greater exposure latitude than transparency film. You can be a little off on your exposures and not suffer as badly from it.

    - you can get print film developed nearly anywhere, not so with transparencies.

    -transparencies can be projected more easily on the wall.

    -either can be scanned to digital format (using film scanner or slide copier), you can do this yourself or pay a lab to do it. No idea what it costs, I use the slide copier for my Coolpix, not always with the most sterling results I might add. :cry: That's what I get for being cheap.

    -transparencies take up less storage space.

    -print film is easier to deal with if you're shooting stuff many people might want copies of.

    -most places where you might submit a pic to (assuming you'd nailed a paying gig) almost universally want transparencies or digital files.

    - there isn't anything in the world like the thrill you get holding that Velvia transparency up to the light and seeing those rich colors that you captured. It just isn't the same with a print. Slides seem to glow. (ok, a little personal bias there :) )

    My advice (being worth what you paid for it) is to start with print film. It's cheaper (both the film & processing). Once you get handle on exposing film correctly you can move to transparencies.

    There are a couple of methods to make prints from slides. Any good lab can do it for you. No idea about cost as I haven't printed a slide (except ones I converted to digital myslef) in 20 years.

    hth & have fun!

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