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Jul 12, 2006
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Los Angeles
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I got permission to use my schools auditorium for a shoot and the girl who I had planned to shoot got sick so at the last minute I was able to get my friend to pose for me.

Set up is 430ex as the main light and a vivitar 285 with a red gel on the background/smoke

All comments and critiques please :)


3 (no gel)
I'm not real keen on #1. Mostly because of the hard shadows. The bg color is really cool though.

Did you get a model release?

Cuz #2 & #3 are worthy of commercial print. I like each of them tremendously. The shadows are still hard on #2, but the overall color and his attitude are spot on. The shadows are a little dark on #3, but it rocks.

Okay, I'm looking at #3 a bit more.......I could live with the window, but the corner of the walls coming out of his head is a little distracting. Can you PS that?

Well done.
I love the 2nd one (I'm a fan of sepia and other monochromatic photos) but I think the hard shadows on the face of 1 and 3 are out of place. I think that single lighting shots work well on headshots with dark backgrounds but using this style on a full body, lit background just looks like it was not lit correctly. Dramatic posing is great and sometimes misunderstood by the people viewing the print but in these, even the use of a reflector of some kind on the shadow side would have made all the difference.

Good effort! Keep your head high, you're on the right track.
Thanks a lot. The shadows were bumped up a bit in lightroom. I can take them down a bit and lighten everything up.

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