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    Snap Shot Fashion
    Get Used to it

    You know, all of you out there including myself who think that what is happening is what IS happening are wrong.

    The HOT item right now are images taken on the streets with real people wearing what ever they wear and being cataloged and highlighted in all of the major press. The press then try emulating that look with real people wearing fashion that the magazine stylists have chosen to give them a genuine on the street and caught by accident look. They get photographers to take "Snap Shots" to give them that "LOOK" and publish them.

    Take for example the hottest Fashion blogs like The Sartorialist, Style Rookie and Garance Doré. These blogs are in the Top Ten of the most powerful fashion influences today. They are cited by Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Pop etc. as well as being syndicated throughout the world. Some of these bloggers have been picked up by major photo agents, as they represent the new wave. As a result they get to shoot and contribute to the major fashion magazines around the globe.

    The scene is in constant flux and the old rules no longer apply as they never did in the first place. "The Scene" is dynamic and constantly changing as are the roles of those cataloging "The Scene", i.e. the chroniclers or what used to be called fashion photographers.

    To make it today as a "Fashion Photographer" you really have to see fashion to capture fashion and to see fashion you have to express your own views of what it means to you and capture it in your own way. The classic set up the image in the studio still works, but there is a new kid on the block. Better wake up to this reality and confront the fact that there will always be a "New Big Thing".

    As Bob Dylan so aptly sang, "The Times They are a Changing."

    Benjamin Kanarek Blog » Snap Shot Fashion


  2. It's fun, and definitely influential. There is a Berlin street fashion blog as well, which makes the whole world think everyone in Berlin is well-dressed. Unfortunately they're not, but rose-colored glasses help make everything just a little prettier.

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