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Snaps of People in NYC


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Nov 15, 2003
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North New Jersey, United States of America
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A few shots taken the past fall in New York City. This trip was specifically to observe and capture people in a city. In the past, I've been a bit hesitant to take pictures of people in public... slowly getting over it.. :)



3) Usually photos of the backs of people are not that interesting but I found this one kinda funny. I was just sitting near the statue in Central Park thinking of where to go next and this girl walked right up.

4) Times square. I got stuck in a crowd and decided to work my way around it. As I found my way through, I ended right behind the camera guy. Practically falling right into him. Glad I had my camera in hand ready to go.

Thanks for lookin... Lesson of that day.. keep the camera loaded and in hand.
Isn't New York City just THE place to overcome your fear and inhibitions of taking photos of people in public. Seems like it did the same to me after all when I was there at the beginning of April. I stumbled across some nice scenes, too, now where are they again? Are you interested? Then I try to find the link for you.
thanks for all the comments! Definitely got to make it back to the city sometime soon now that the weather is warming up. One thing I liked was that New Yorkers are pretty used to people with cameras. Any tips on how to be more discreet in areas that people might be a little more apprehensive?
hey it's mike! nice shots... glad to see you're still shooting. haven't talked to you in a looooong time, lots has changed, email me if you get this :)
hehehehee.... I was waiting for someone to comment on that...
Believe me.. It wasn't intentional.. I only noticed "it" a few hours after posting. You have to admit, it introduces subtle humor.

THANKS for all the comments... I'm in Maine at the end of this month for more practice with people shots..

Hey Mike! Small world... its been a long time... expect an email from me.

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