So about my disc camera...


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Sep 13, 2010
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Bromley, Kent, UK
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...i can't seem to get film for it any more, nor my 110 Kodak, so i bought one of these new fangled DSLR jobbies. Where does the film go?

Only Kidding. Well, im here so dont panic if you were wondering. Been a while since i joined a forum as you may tell :)

I'm Viney. Had a compact (TZ5 then TZ7 after leaving the 5 at the bike show last year...ooops) and took the plunge and got myself a Canon 500D (Sharp intakes of breath from the Nikon owners) and so far im dead happy with it.

So hello photo forum people. Do i have to bring cake?
Cake? No. Beer.

Welcome aboard, from a Nikon owner. Doesn't matter... in the end, we're all here for the pictures.
Oh its a hardcore want beer. Im used to fluffy forums where cake is the manner of the day :lol:

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