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Feb 5, 2009
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Fayetteville, Georgia
I'm not really sure if this is the correct place to post this, so I'm sorry if it's not. My girlfriend got a call from her sister last night and her sister told her that she is wanting to hire me to take pictures at the rehearsal for their wedding. I need some advice, some do's and don'ts, basically anything that would help me....because this will be the first time I've really done anything like this. I'm sure it won't be for a while, that is the rehearsal. The wedding isn't until September, so I have some time to practice before hand. Any advice?
first off just to clarify - are you photographing the rehersal only or are you covering the main event as well?
Further are you the only photographer or will their be a "paid pro"/experienced wedding photographer on site?
Also is that all your kit in your sig - only I would say you are really lacking in lenses for such an event (only a 20mm??)

Finally if you are after some experience and advice first point of call would be to see if there are any local wedding photographers who might be willing to let you ghost them at a wedding - that would get you some experience without pressure of having to perform (you can experiment all you want - just make sure you don't get in the main photographers way on the day - they have to perform well).

Also if you have a website or flickr or some such archive of your works it would be a good idea to link to that so we can get an idea for what level of skill you are at.
Well to be honest, that's not any of my stuff. It's actually my brother's who is letting me borrow it. He also has another Nikon, it's an SLR. I feel stupid for not knowing the exact model. But a 20mm isn't the only one that I have. The main one that I've been using is a 28-80mm Nikon AF NIKKOR. But for me shooting this I probably wouldn't use a film camera. I would be using his (my brother's). I know I sound retarded right now but I will update and let you know the exact camera I will be using. To my knowledge, I will be the only one shooting the rehearsal. I haven't heard word yet if they are hiring someone separate for the actual wedding or not, so that I do not know. I'll have to upload some pictures that I've taken. I have class so I won't be able to do it until tonight or tomorrow.

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