So I'm walking on the street, and it starts raining photo gear...


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Apr 29, 2004
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Not quite like that, of course, but very close.

This is a thread to express my joy about a nice find today! I've been wanting a home darkroom for a while and today while running to a lecture I saw a couple of old chairs and the predecessor of this monster among them:

The biology department haven't used it since the electron microscopes got digital sensors. They threw it out and thanked me for disposing of it.

For the rest of the day I had a huge stupid grin on my face.

The pictures:



The specs:
Simmon Omega D-2 enlarger
Omega Condenser Lamphouse Type D
on the front: for 2" to 6 3/8" enlarging lenses

The lens:
Rodenstock Omegatron 135mm f/4.5

The condition is pretty much new. All of the internal components are very clean. Only one of the gears for raising the head is broken.

How do I mount a 50mm lens for the 135 format?
Is the current 135mm rodenstock a good lens or not? (I know the brand is reputable)

Thank you!

I picked up my enlarger from Ed, at the local photo shop. He does very little custom printing these days, and almost none in black and white. While chatting, I mentioned that I was looking for an enlarger, and he said he had one he'd sell me for $75. I was thrilled!

The thing is HUGE. It's an Omega A-6 Custom Lab. It barely fits in my closet darkroom. The baseboard is improvised, but it works just fine. I've no idea how much it originally cost.

To make the deal even better, he threw in a bunch of extra stuff, like an unopened box of 250 sheets of 8X10 BW paper. I still haven't used even half of it. Also, an easle for several sizes of paper (makes nice borders).

On mine, I have to lift the head, then reach down inside from where the negative carrier goes, and unscrew a ring nut from the back of the lens, and the lens drops out. You might need a spanner wrench to accomplish this, if the nut is tight (assuming yours works this way). Attatchment of a 50mm is reverse process.

Chances are that a lense from a reputable brand is going to be good. Just keep it in a tupperware container to keep dust and moisture away from it. Add some silica gel packets to keep it dry in the container. (A trick Ed showed me; I thought it sheer genius.)

Most of all, enjoy!

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